Not what I was expecting

UX not only applies to the virtual but to any touch point that conveys your brand experience in the real world; active or passive. You’re still a user because you are consuming, taking in; creating your environment. Various cues along this user journey set expectations. If these expectations are not supported, then your perception changes.

These basic animal shaped toys have been in my doctor’s office for years. I’ve always liked them but had never touched them. Their shapes and colors always made me think of them as solid but soft, structurally sound yet approachable and playful.

I was recently in the office and a mother was letting her small son play with them. He picked one off the couch and dropped it on the wooden floor. It made a hard, sharp sound that surprised me and just like that they were different. My perception of them changed instantly and mild disappointment set in. What I had once considered comforting became loud and disruptive. This single experience in my journey caused me to lower my expectations of something I once looked forward to.

Every detail, perception and expectation matters and must be considered if you want to provide a good journey. This part of the story isn’t a deal breaker, but I was a bit let down.

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