Norman door

Norman Doors drive me crazy

This door drives me crazy every time I walk into work. Every. Single. Time. Why? It’s because the design of the handle itself, its shape, its thickness, its placement, clearly says “pull”, but the sign says “Push”. It’s a Norman Door. The basic elements of this design…

UX and Agile

Just too useful to not share. Products and services in today’s digital marketplace have to be delivered quickly and always designed for the need. UX is the center of design and development. UX and Agile

Confusing elevator buttons

“You’re on 33”

I went to the 2016 UXPA conference in Seattle recently and stayed in a hotel downtown. I’d been to Seattle once many years before and I loved it. Like the first time I went the weather was perfect. There’s nothing like a sunny and beautiful 65…

Empathy and innovation

50 design problems in 50 days Innovation through empathy I love the crowded train solution but I want to see it working.

Range Rover side mirror ground light


I took my car to be repaired recently and had to get a rental. I lucked out and they gave me a new Range Rover. I needed to run some errands so I got to spend some time in the car. I liked it; smooth, responsive,…

Colorful and stylized hard plastic animals

Not what I was expecting

I consider that UX not only applies to the virtual, but to any touch point that conveys your brand experience in the real world; active or passive. You’re still a user because you are consuming, taking in; creating your environment. Various cues along this user journey…

User Experience and your bottom line

Some people still think User Experience is a “nice to have”, in fact, it’s a “must have”. In a market as crowded and as fragmented as the one most of us operate in today, standing out and being top of mind is critical for long term…

Focused design

Students Design 22 Playful Wooden Toys For Kids Wooden toys A wonderful example of creativity in the service of design.

Color palette also shown in grey scale

Visual weight

I always consider color in user experience design as an aspect of balance and hierarchy, and once you take away the focus on color you can better see the visual weight of each component of color. Color can mean different things both contextually and culturally but…

The power of touch

Tactile feedback gives us a rich and visceral way to experience and know our environment. Touch can provide a powerful understanding, allowing us to discern things such as shape, texture, volume, density, and relationships between objects. Current use of tactile stimuli in touch screen devices is…

You need more than a great engineer for a great product

It’s sometimes hard to step outside of your perspective and try to see something in a new way. A good part of a user experience professionals job is to educate, sometimes to both external and internal stakeholders. Helping our customers understand our value is part of…